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Realm Jumper Police! (レルムジャンパー警察) is a manga series written by the reclusive mangako Kenji Suzuki in 2004. The plot focuses on the adventures of Liqin, Yoko, and Xiaomei as they protect alternative universes from the forces of the Triad gang. Later on in the plot, they must defened the city from the powers of the corrupt Mayor Shichou . The setting is in a futuristic Hong Kong, now known as Megamegaopolis. Realm Jumper Police is an action comedy series.


The storyline of Realm Jumper Police is set in the fictional city of Megamegaopolis.

Humans have studied the complex workings of alternative worlds. Realm jumping means that one is moving from one reality to another really quickly. The sciences behind this is highly complex and best left to the reader's imgination. Starting about 20 years ago, a man named Biru Kawaguchi designed a device that looks a lot like a yoyo. When this device is spun around for several moments the users would be surrounded by a pinkish light that will then break into thousands of images. Once this happened the user would end up in another reality.

One day, Biru Kawaguchi disappeared from his office never to be seen again. This left his teenage daughter, Yoko Kawaguchi , with a mission to find where he went. Every world they visit a clue is found to finding him. Yoko is being kept save by the Police Force of Megamegaopolis, she has access to some of the best computer and science labs on Earth. However, Yoko is fairly ditzy, so Chief Lee and many of the other characters don't believe she is suited to do realm jumping by herself.

This is where Liqin Song comes in. She has been put in charge of the search for Biru Kawaguchi and stop the baddies involved in this odd tale. Liqin has been paired up with a rookie cop named Xiaomei Wei. Together this trio bands together to find out what the Triad Organization's role in Biru's disapperance is. The Triad is led by a billionaire named Tenka Cosmo , whom has a major crush on Yoko and wants to make her is wife. The Police often have to battle the Purple Cobras whenever they travel to new realms. Along the way, the Police are aided by Mindy Isacat and a raptor named Max Macaw.

And always watching from City Hall is Mayor Shichou , whom has no love for realm jumping....

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